• Meet Barrel

Meet Barrel

Meet Barrel, the first outdoor layout from the Veneto-based company, inspired by tradition and in line with Key Cucine’s great company heritage.

This brand new kitchen encapsulates all of the values distinguishing a company that likes to call itself an “industrialised artisan” and which stands out for the minimalist, essential designs of its consistently elegant creations.

The name is a conceptual, sophisticated and original reference to the structure of a barrel, conceived with concentric slats, just like the horizontal crosspiece of the door at the base of the island in this kitchen, which is used to keep the slats together close to the handle.

The layout is designed for outdoor use, but under cover. This has allowed us to create a kitchen that makes a terrace or outdoor corner a welcoming place for socialising, where the confines between indoors and outdoors, between the kitchen and living areas become blurred and almost imperceptible.

The kitchen unit is able to withstand the elements, and specifically, moisture: the materials used are selected for their strength and their ability not to deteriorate: steel and aluminium for the structures and top, and oak treated with specific varnishes for the doors. This protective strength adds more consistency to the barrel reference, wood with its idea of protection and strength that work well with liquids and moisture.

At first glance, what stands out is the sheer beauty and sober, linear elegance of the kitchen, to the extent that it looks good enough to install indoors. 

The two parallel islands are separated by a shelf unit that adds movement to the linear style. The first island is fitted with a sink, while the second has a large recessed barbecue. The two main blocs of the kitchen rest against a grey cement wall, cast “in formwork”, a sophisticated style with a certain impact, much in vogue in the golden years of Italian design, which takes us back to the fabulous Sixties and Seventies, when everything was studied and architects took care of even the tiniest details. Precisely the style of Key Cucine.





29 / 06 / 2023