• Key Cucine stands by the designers for passion

Key Cucine stands by the designers for passion

The "Casa F" project by architect Massimo Zazzeron from Studio Be Architettura is a single family home built in the province of Vicenza for a private client. 

The owner asked the architect for a bright and contemporary house, where the family could gather to share their passions and interests. In this home the convivial spaces - kitchen and living room - had to be central and designed for easy and cosy use.

A beautiful two-storey villa was born from this request and it stands out for its minimal, geometric and contemporary style, where natural light is the absolute protagonist also thanks to a 9-square-meter glass wall that overlooks a cantilevered  porch facing the interior of the villa’s private garden. 

In the overall project, the beautiful and spacious custom-made Key kitchen created according to architect Zazzeron's design takes on a role of primary importance: angular and equipped with a central island, the composition “speaks directly” to the living room and relaxation area. The dialogue between rooms is promoted by the use of shared materials where colour plays on the concept of consistency. Only a triple column separates the kitchen from the living room. The columns host the oven and act as storage areas  without limiting space, light and view.  

This project bears witness to the ability of Key Cucine to act as a partner for designers supporting them in the choice of materials and in creating compositions that are not only elegant and consistent with the other rooms of the house, but also of excellent quality and sturdiness.   

Be Architettura: Be Architettura boosts the value of the group formed by valuable and skilled individuals who complement each other thanks to their daily collaboration. The Studio mixes traditional and innovative techniques. Hand sketches and models share the same table with BIM and video rendering. Be Architettura loves the challenge represented by each project, whether it is a building, an object, or a graphic design idea and it is always ready to meet the demands of the most ambitious projects.

26 / 09 / 2022