• The pillars of “customisation”

The pillars of “customisation”

Customisation is an important subject because it is so strongly linked to the value perceived by the client. Differentiating a project so that it becomes unique and inimitable in what is now such a strongly competitive field, is now an essential part of business leverage.

Even among kitchen manufacturers, there are many companies that offer “bespoke” services, customising their catalogue proposals, which means adapting them to the requests of the client. 

The concept of customisation goes further than this, however, bringing with it values such as the ability to listen, to establish a relationship based on deep understanding of the client and their designer, and to succeed in capturing their ideas. Customising means giving a shape to a desire, using a healthy dose of creativity and courage.


But even that is not enough. We have to be able to customise, and to do this, we need expertise, knowledge of tools and instruments, organisation, and flexibility.


The philosophy of Una ad Una encapsulates all of these values and aims to communicate what customisation is for Key Cucine. The very essence of this project, the guidelines that have marked the growth of a deeply committed company, firm in its processes, yet quick and ready to take tastes and trends on board. A company that is wholly orientated towards the designer and their client, and which is why it is constantly on the move, seeking out new materials, lines, combinations, and pairings that are always new and original. For solutions that bring aesthetics and practical use to the design project with the creation of unique settings.

These are the pillars of customisation of Key Cucine and the great strength of the company, which is now a point of reference for designers, at an international level. As can be seen from the collaboration with Fontana Art & Design in London, which has chosen this Italian brand as a partner in its projects. A recent case history is the “London Living” project, the perfect example of how a Key Cucine can be seamlessly fitted into a living area, becoming the linchpin of the whole day zone.

24 / 10 / 2022