• Twins by Key Cucine

Twins by Key Cucine

Twins is the great novelty of 2022 by Key Cucine, the perfect synthesis of that attitude to work that is expressed in the concept of 'Industrialised Craftsmen' and that characterises Key Cucine's way of working, with the creation of unique pieces.

So let us discover some of the materials and details that make Twins a unique and extraordinary composition in its market.

Anyone who looks at Twins is immediately caught by the tops of the two large central islands, made in Tiffany Quartzite, so-called because of its green veins turning to blue. Quartzite is a metamorphic rock, which is particularly suitable for cladding and worktops in the kitchen due to its very high mechanical resistance, which preserves it over time from damage caused by impacts, abrasion and heat. But there's more: quartzite is characterised by a hard, non-porous surface that perfectly resists stains from coffee, wine, lemon juice, vinegar and all those other products commonly used in the kitchen. Quartzite is not only good to look at, it is also hygienic and sanitary: this metamorphic rock, five times more resistant than granite, is antibacterial and healthy, ideal for contact with food, which it does not contaminate, and which cannot be contaminated in turn.

Another detail that characterises Twins is the Gold Oak wood, a material that recurs and acts as a common theme between the different elements of the kitchen, the central islands, the boiserie panels and the cupboard. Oak is a wood that is highly valued by craftsmen for its characteristics of hardness, stability and ability to stand the test of time. In this composition, the oak is treated with a sophisticated thermal technique, a high-temperature process that improves its original characteristics and changes its colour, making it noticeably darker and with precious, elegant golden highlights. In particular, on the cupboard, the oak is worked with vertical, parallel and irregular grooves that convey the idea of unique craftsmanship that gives this element its fascinating retro touch.  

The large boiserie panelling that surrounds the two central islands of Twins gives the impression of being in a living room environment. This scenic effect is due to the imposing doors that almost completely cover the walls, from ceiling to floor. Made of hollow-core aluminium, the doors slide easily thanks to the properties of this material, which is characterised by light weight, strength and stability. A touch of particular refinement is given to these elements by the powder coating, a fine finish that gives the surface a delicate silky effect that endures over time and retains its characteristics intact.


25 / 07 / 2022