• “The artfully made kitchen”, 15 November 2022

“The artfully made kitchen”, 15 November 2022

Being at a pleasant, informal event. Meeting people in a setting where it already feels like Christmas. Taking another, unhurried look at “Twins”, the new kitchen displayed at the recent “Fuorisalone”, appreciating the design, elegant materials, and brand new combinations..

But it doesn’t stop there. Key Cucine wanted to make this date with the press also in order to look beyond the product and to talk a little about the company. To describe a growing business that is becoming more and more established, in view of its professionalism, commitment, research and creativity. To talk about two entrepreneurs, brothers Giuliano and Renzo Sbabo, who express genuine passion when they talk about their work. A passion that engages and creates solid bonds, like the one with designer Nevio Tellatin, who participated to the event together with architect Anita Brotto, as proof of a successful partnership with Key Cucine, based on shared values, on the pleasure of a job well done, and on never making do.

“An artfully made kitchen,” was the main theme of the event: kitchens as unique, inimitable works of art, as cradles of art, as amply demonstrated by chef Cristina Biollo, queen of vegetarian cuisine, who gave an extremely colourful show-cooking demonstration.

Guests at the evening included journalists from Italy’s most prestigious, representative design publications, who constantly follow the company and took part in this event with great interest and looking towards April 2023.


30 / 11 / 2022