• Key Cucine And Diego Crosara: the starry kitchen of a prestigious chef

Key Cucine And Diego Crosara: the starry kitchen of a prestigious chef

Goal: creating a kitchen with professional technical features for installation in a private home, connected and in harmony with the other rooms and in tune with straightforward, clean and minimalist aesthetics.

Architect Martina Negrini cleverly tackled this challenge also thanks to the valuable contribution of Key Cucine and the ability of this company to act as a consultant, working side by side with the designer.

Not only kitchens out of the catalogue and not only customized kitchens that adjust and adapt existing models: Key Cucine supports designers in their work and helps them to design from scratch, making the best and most functional choices.

The result? Beautiful, harmonious and surprising solutions!

The kitchen is characterised by a large custom-made counter top, because the chef wishes to recreate the functionality of a professional environment.

The sink is hidden from view in a cabinet in the background featuring a white stoneware counter top that includes professional and specialised appliances and ends with a very large visible steel refrigerator, equipped with a wine cellar and blast chiller.

To the right of the kitchen, a white lacquered column conceals an additional counter top and other small appliances. 

The kitchen counter top is in steel to be durable and easy to clean as the one of a professional kitchen, although it is covered in oak and contrasts beautifully with the concrete and wood floors to recreate a warm and cosy environment, also leading the eye directly to the living room with which it is harmoniously connected.

Chef Crosara says: I have a home where beauty and functionality go hand in hand, with an open space kitchen and living room where I gather my family and many friends. Now, when I have 10 -15 guests I hardly notice it ...”

This project highlights a beautiful collaboration with architect Negrini and fully expresses the value of  customisation as the central focus in Key Cucine’s work.

31 / 01 / 2023