• Free to be inspired

Free to be inspired

Key Cucine’s greatest strength lies in the quality of its offer, and especially in its custom-made kitchens - based on architect and client’s projects - and personalize kitchens - inspired by existing models, renewed with unique materials and details.

So, what is the secret behind so much creativity, proposition capacity and ability? Where does Key Cucine’s potential to constantly innovate, study new shapes, and experiment with new materials and pairings come from? Sure enough, there are many factors behind such a virtuous creative process: our experience, our spirit of observation and, last but not least, our working methods and organization.

One of the most useful and performing tools supporting Key Cucine is the moodboard, that is, the visual representation of images, words and materials used as an inspiration map to create new products and enhance existing ones. Here at Key Cucine, we exploit these inspiration concepts, and we’ve developed quite of few of them, focused on specific goals.

Some examples?

For an inspirational concept referencing a Nordic environment with natural colours and essences, ideal for elegant settings, we've come up with a moodboard that pairs oak wood, green linoleum, green metal acrylic and green onyx.

For a composition inspired by a young environment, we focused on a moodboard with light tones and natural materials flanked by bright, peculiar colours, with contrasts also on marble, for a safely sophisticated effect.

For the Strip - one of Key Cucine’s most successful models - we imagined a concept inspired by a urban, cool and fresh setting, by pairing natural materials, such as walnut wood and travertine, with tech materials, such as acrylic and steel, in light blue nuances.

For Haiku, we worked on a moodboard perfect for a classy, exclusive environment, with natural materials - elm wood and dark grey marble - and tech materials - burgundy linoleum - in dark colours, enhances by metal accessories and by light, bold marble veining.

This is the secret of Key Cucine’s unstoppable and constant ability to innovate: the moodboard, a stimulating, powerful and effective tool to guide the creative process toward certain, stylish and tasteful objectives.

A tool that expresses our constant tendency to create, venture, and experiment with materials.



28 / 10 / 2023