• Haiku Outdoor

Haiku Outdoor

For its outdoor offer, Key Cucine was inspired by the dehor of a holiday home by the sea, or the terrace of an urban apartment. And it strove to recreate and innovative and unique environment, to fully enjoy life en plein air without giving up the comfort and elegance of the interiors.   

HaiKu Outdoor components have nothing to envy those of a traditional Key Cucine composition, while being designed to resist humidity and the weather.

The 3.26 m x 0.7 kitchen cabinet features an eco-cement structure and a marble top - the same Emotion Grey used for the indoor model.

The kitchen, inspired by the same concept as the indoor version, immediately strikes with its beauty, its clean and linear elegance, and leads anyone who looks at it to believe it could easily be an indoor kitchen, with its rounded profiles and closed shapes. These are the entire island’s main features, where every element concurs to express a concept of minimalism and complete elegance. Clean, minimal doors with an extra-thin handle dividing the door from the drawer on top. Top with seamless sink.

Haiku Outdoor expresses all the style and care for details that characterize Key Cucine’s way of working:

the result is a classy and warm environment, to be enjoyed all year long.

29 / 08 / 2023