• Casa "P"

Casa "P"

Casa “P”, a charming and exemplary reconstruction of an existing building, by Studio Be Architettura in partnership with Key Cucine, is located in a lush residential area of the Vicenza province.

A urban villa, with a monochromatic, essential look, combining glass and masonry, metal and Burmese teak wood - covering floors and ceilings, to make the interiors intimate and welcoming. Geometric and minimal lines open up to colourful textures and elegant details, unveiling a peculiar creative nature.

Casa “P” is airy, with a large living area with modular spaces. The protagonist of the big kitchen is the granite monolith of the central island, surrounded by ceiling-high matte lacquered cabinets.

Key Cucine’s solid experience in customizing the environments was crucial to harmonise the kitchen with the house’s style, through the same materials and colours - the black brushed granite of the kitchen top echoes the profiles on doors and windows, while the kitchen door lacquer evens out with the hues of the entire project.

Line, colour and space harmony, developing seamlessly from the kitchen through the dining room and the living area, out onto the outdoors, where, through large windows, the gaze opens up onto the garden and the swimming pool.

Casa “P”: all of Key Cucine’s experience and ability in the service of the designer.

For unique, impactful results. Always.



Project: Studio Be Architettura

Photos by Alessandra Bello

28 / 07 / 2023