• Haiku Indoor

Haiku Indoor

A pure, essential design for the new island kitchen from Key Cucine, Haiku, created by designer Nevio Tellatin and architect Anita Brotto. The source of inspiration is in the name: Haiku, the short Japanese poem that is simple, direct, and at the same time, intense. Haiku places the island at the heart of everything, as a bold visual element and a balanced hub for functional use. 

Different details express the elegant style: clean-cut doors that connect with the top, creating a closed shape, while ultra-fine handles in the central part of the island, emphasise the division between the door and the drawer above it. And then, the large worktop with integrated sink, extending to create a cantilever counter, also rounded and with an increasing thickness. The measurements, which vary according to single designs, are: 4.72 metres long, 1.35 metres deep and 94 cm high. The finely worked joints are invisible, creating a seamless effect of stone. 

Haiku stands out for its expert combinations of elegant materials: Emotion Grey marble for the top and counter; bronzed pewter surfaces with metallic effect for the island, and solid brushed black oak with exposed grain for the doors on the tall units. Not only that, but inside a Haiku kitchen it is possible to insert Twins model tall units by Key Cucine: hollow core aluminium units finished with silk-effect epoxy coating for a brand new look that combines tactile pleasure with practical use. Because Haiku wants to evoke emotions, returning the kitchen to its position as a special meeting place, at the very heart of everyday living.


28 / 09 / 2023