• Kitchen in "full view"

Kitchen in "full view"

The kitchen has always held a role of absolute protagonist of the home: a place where people can unite, practical and functional, where you can create and handle. A place of nourishment, of the body and of the mind.

Consistently, even the kitchen space has always been conceived as a place to be equipped with worktops, chests of drawers, cabinets useful for storing the tools of the trade.

Over time, however, while maintaining the importance linked to its basic functions, the kitchen environment has evolved and elevated itself, increasingly conforming to that of the living room: not only in the conception of spaces, but also and above all in the design of the furnishings.

And here wall units and mid-height cabinets give way to imposing open wardrobes, alternating with precious boiseries and integrated with equipped columns, which create a whole with the lines and finishes of the living area.

The modern kitchen then becomes a refined, well-kept place to open and discover. Key Cucine has been able to anticipate this trend because it has always been committed to conceiving a lofty idea of ​​the kitchen: an environment of great elegance, capable of dictating the character of the entire home and expressing its desire for socializing and conviviality

16 / 12 / 2022