• Tai_O's Materials

Tai_O's Materials

Research, workmanship and skillful composition are the basic "ingredients" behind every one of Key Cucine’s projects.

Passion and expertise are best expressed in Tai_O, the new kitchen designed in collaboration with Nevio Tellatin and Anita Brotto. The care and attention to natural, precious and unique materials, the ability to work them finely and bring them to the fore with unusual combinations, are translated here in a harmonious and perfectly balanced design.

Let’s take a look at the materials selected for this kitchen.

Millennial Fossil Oak comes from logs found in rivers since ancient times, in areas with a soil especially rich in graphite that has permeated into the wood fibers. Those logs are then recovered and dried for use. These are mainly Oak logs, dating back to up to thousands of years ago, and felled by natural elements when they were already centuries old.
Tree fossilization is a rare and natural process that gives wood a special dark color, with extraordinary nuances. This makes fossil wood an ancient and extremely valuable material.

Clauzetto Marble - a particular limestone from the town of the same name in Friuli, in the province of Pordenone - is characterized by a light gray background and the presence of a beautiful fossil texture.

"Each block is unrepeatable, each fragment is a unique piece": this uniqueness that characterizes marble is perfectly in tune with the concept expressed by Key Cucine in its motto "One by One", which captures the essence of each of its projects, which are carefully designed down to the smallest detail, handcrafted by skilled hands and truly unique, precisely because of the materials that are never the same.

Today's mining methods -much more advanced in terms of process sustainability and careful to prevent the marble block from being damaged - are carried out with ultra-modern diamond wire saws and diamond chain saws capable of cutting the blocks and reducing them without damaging them.

From this historic quarry, favored by Carlo Scarpa who used marble in many of his projects, Key Cucine also chose this noble material to bring a unique fragment of history and nature into everyone's homes.

27 / 03 / 2024