• Architecture Tales - Act one, Gabrielli Residence

Architecture Tales - Act one, Gabrielli Residence

Key Cucine is proud to present a prestigious initiative, consisting of the realization of four photo shootings, with exclusive video-interviews, to as many important architects’ studios, which have designed impressive residences for leading figures, belonging, in particular, to the world of Venetian entrepreneurship and free profession. One by one, these news will discover four villas of great effect, being described by the same architects who conceived them and who could find in Key Cucine a valuable partner.

The first one is the residence of Piergiorgio Gabrielli in Castelfranco Veneto, realized by the architect Francesco Stimamiglio’s studio, Concept Luxury Design.

The project, namedPure Volumes & Lines”, focuses on a large building developed on four staggered floors, where the architect has intervened on an existing structure, working on its interiors. The challenge was to provide a sense of warmth to an essential and geometric building, by creating an harmonious union between modern lines and classical elements. The strenght of this project is represented by its two kitchens, where Key Cucine’s added value was being able to support the professional in his creative choices, in the study of lines and shapes and in the selection of the most appropriate materials.

Stimamiglio Concept Luxury Design is an architecture studio, specialized in residential and interior design. Their approach to each project starts with a sound understanding of the client, so as to realize his expectations and ambitions, following his personal style.



22 / 11 / 2021