• Experiencing nature: the art of outdoor kitchens

Experiencing nature: the art of outdoor kitchens

Feel-good tranquillity: nature offers moments of relaxation far from the hustle and bustle of daily life, thanks to the formation of a beneficial link with the environment. Our outdoor kitchens have all the functional components you need, together with our outstanding elegance, and they put the focus on convivial living, but in harmony with beauty and nature.  

Key Cucine is even astounding outdoors, proposing two masterpieces in design for exteriors: Barrel and Haiku Outdoor. Designed and devised in detail by designers, Nevio Tellatin and Anita Brotto, they perfectly meet all of the technical requirements for a covered outdoor environment, creating a welcoming space for socialising and eliminating the boundaries between interiors and exteriors.

Barrel: elegant, welcoming, and… inspired by a barrel

Barrel perfectly embodies Key Cucine’s style, always elegant and linked to prestigious finishes with fine detailing. The first outdoor kitchen from the Key catalogue. The name is a conceptual reference to the barrel, which has a structure consisting of concentric slats, as repeated on the base of the kitchen island. 

The unit, conceived for covered outdoor spaces is resistant to the elements and in particular, to moisture. For a top-quality layout, built to stand the test of time, non-perishable materials were chosen: steel and aluminium for the frameworks and tops, and oak treated with special coatings for the doors.
The two parallel islands sit on a wall in concrete “cast with formwork markings”, a sophisticated, stunning effect that was such a strong feature of the golden period of Italian design.

Haiku Outdoor: a kitchen with a Japanese flavour

Haiku Outdoor owes its name to the short Japanese poems: simple, direct works, just like this kitchen, which channels its whole essence into the large island, a fundamental element for balance and practical use. 

The elegance of its indoor twin is not under discussion: this kitchen perfectly embodies the elegant, minimalist style of Key Cucine, thanks to its detailed finishes and top-quality materials, devised specifically for covered exterior areas. The ecomortar structure, which is both resistant and eco friendly, is placed alongside other excellent materials such as the Emotion Grey marble of the top. 

The kitchen is faithful to the design of the indoor version; its beauty, characterised by a sober, linear elegance immediately captures our attention, hinting at the possibility of being suited to interiors. With its rounded design and closed shapes, the island has a pared-back aesthetic, with every element contributing to the creation of a sophisticated classy setting.

25 / 06 / 2024