• Key Cucine is all about a tale of genuine authenticity. As is the quality of each of its products.

Key Cucine is all about a tale of genuine authenticity. As is the quality of each of its products.

Key Cucine - formerly known as Sbabo Cucine - was founded in the ’60s in Montecchio Precalcino, in the province of Vicenza, by Tarcisio Sbabo, a tenacious and skilled wood craftsman. Today, the company boasts a long and prestigious family history that spans two generations and is rooted in the traditions and craftsmanship of the Veneto furniture and kitchen district.

Since the beginning, the company was characterised by its ability to follow the evolution of taste and design, with attention paid to foreign home-living trends, especially those from Northern Europe and North America. 

Since the ’80s, Giuliano and Renzo, the current Managing Directors, joined the company despite their young age. The business was growing fast and required the utmost attention.

These were key years, during which the manufacturing structure that has always characterised the company took its shape. In fact, its development called for the outsourcing of all those manufacturing, secondary and ancillary roles that were fundamental for the good outcome of the compositions, assigning them to a consolidated network of excellent craftsmen in the area to whom, from time to time, the individual components were assigned according to their skills. This led to a corporate structure that at the time was modern and visionary and that still proves successful and effective today.

In 1995, the company created the Key Cucine brand. The name choice was a summary of the two brothers’ vision for the company: Key Cucine planned to become a consultant and problem solver for its customers and for those architects who wish to create the ultimate customised solutions.

From the early years of the new millennium onward, Key Cucine took its current shape: a company grouping together industrial artisans, dynamic and modern, focused on design and trends that can combine the most innovative technologies with craftsmanship to create unique kitchens that are high-end, environmentally friendly and sustainable. This approach led to the motto "Una ad Una" (“One by One”) that embodies what the company stands for and knows how to do best.

This virtuous process is also, and above all, based on Materioteca, another one of Key Cucine's strategic assets: a sampling of exquisite and elegant materials that can be used for infinite combinations allowing maximum creativity in kitchen design, with very high quality results. Key Cucine's Materioteca is a revolutionary tool that has freed architects from the production models, placing their design at the centre with total flexibility of choice in materials, shapes and colours.

In 2021, the Libreria Materica” was born from Materioteca: a 100-piece sample book available in the best Italian and foreign retail stores and, above all, a way for Key Cucine to bring its know-how and knowledge into the showrooms of retailers, directly available to architects and end customers.

Today, Key Cucine is still under the leadership of Giuliano and Renzo Sbabo, the former motivated by the drive for continuous research into new materials and the latter a perfectionist driven by the wish to create the perfect product, both Managing Directors, two people who differ in character, roles and skills, but complementary to each other and sharing their great passion, an open mind and clear objectives. As the third generation approaches, the company keeps growing not only on the Italian market but also abroad - especially in North America, Northern Europe and Asia - where the Key Cucine brand is known and appreciated. A growth supported by the number of kitchens sold, approximately 1,000 per year, and also by the average value of each composition, as proof of a strategy that strives for excellence and offers the guarantee of the best value for the customer’s money.

A strategy that the two CEOs, mindful of the values and teachings of the founder of the company, are committed to pursuing, continuing to invest in the research of materials, remaining passionate witnesses of a craft culture deeply linked to their land and at the same time tireless pioneers and trendsetters, with a green vision and utmost respect for the customer.

29 / 03 / 2022