• Its name is “Casa Nato”.

Its name is “Casa Nato”.

In the green heart of Azzano Mella, province of Brescia, we find “Casa Nato”, a new creation, designed, conceived and created by ZDA Zupelli Design Architettura, in collaboration with Ghiroldi Design for the furnishings. And Ghiroldi, once again, has decided to trust in the expertise and flexibility of Key Cucine to create the kitchen area

“Casa Nato” is a single villa that stands out for its innovative, functional architecture, with its contemporary design and prestigious finishes, and where every detail expresses a touch of quality.

The different volumes that form the building have been devised to create living space that is both organised and welcoming, characterised by large openings to guarantee perfect natural lighting. The living area, on two levels, opens onto the portico and swimming pool, for seamless integration between the interiors and the exterior.

The essential style of the kitchen is an expression of sheer elegance. The design, materials, and palette are all studied to dialogue perfectly with the rest of the house. 

Two elements stand out in the area, clearly divided in terms of function and colour, yet harmoniously connected: the matt white monochrome wall block in a single texture, housing the sink, the refrigerator and the larder, and the central island, in matt black, with cook top and integrated extractor. The tops are in stoneware, while the material chosen for the door finishes is an acrylic, entirely made from recycled materials. A particularly elegant detail comes from the sink, coated in a mineral resin, which stands out together with the black tap, recessed into the bright white wall surround. The space is open and connects to the living area with wood table, which in turn reflects the colour tones of the Oak flooring.

Why Key Cucine? The certainty of a product of the highest quality and consolidated synergy that is a guarantee of excellent results.


Project: ZDA | Zupelli Design Architettura
Website: www.zupellidesignarchitettura.com 
Instagram: @zdazupellidesignarchitettura
Photography: Matteo Sturla
Furnishings: Ghiroldidesign srl
Website: www.ghiroldidesign.it  
Instagram: @ghiroldidesign_srl

22 / 02 / 2024