• Architecture Tales – Act Two, Campagnolo Residence

Architecture Tales – Act Two, Campagnolo Residence

Today, architect Simone Andrighetto leads us in the heart of the province of Vicenza, in the charming Belvedere of Tezze sul Brenta, and opens the doors of Chiara Campagnolo’s house.

His project consists of the renovation and the enlargement of an existing building: a complex and delicate work – as it usually is when intervening on architectures already defined, according to different choices – made even more challenging by the need, as expressed by the client, to have a unique living and kitchen, comfortable enough for a large family.

Ms Campagnolo, consistent with her strong personality and original tastes, wanted to find herself in a wide, bright and usable house, which at the same time could show a “touch of character”, both in its architecture and in the interiors. So here is the choice of clean lines, the use of important materials and the game of contrast of black and white as leading colours.

The kitchen is the absolute protagonist of this project: spacious, liveable and charming with its daring materic combinations, like the surprisingly harmonious wood with titanium metal.

Once more, Key Cucine is outstanding for its unique customizations, which enhance the creative idea and bring value to the project, thus realizing the desire of the customers.

Fifty years old, based in Vicenza, Simone Andrighetto loves to define himself “architect by passion”. With a broad experience in the residential sector, he has however done many jobs for hotels and restaurants, too. His peculiarity is to be able to empathize with the customer, thus understanding his taste and objectives, which then characterize the structure, lines and colours of the whole project.

10 / 12 / 2021