• Architecture Tales – Act Four  “Steel and Natural Lights” Montegrotto Terme (PD) Residence

Architecture Tales – Act Four “Steel and Natural Lights” Montegrotto Terme (PD) Residence

Today we present the residence of Montegrotto Terme, by architect Francesco Stimamiglio.

A lovely green setting surrounds this villa on two floors, complete with indoor pool and spa, which can be fully enjoyed also in summer, thanks to a wide window connecting house and garden.

The project is the result of a contest of ideas, which provided the architect with a chance to express all his ability to receive and implement the requirement of the client, who was asking for modern lines and natural light. The house is thus characterized by a zenith cut, which starts from the roof and comes to the ground through the glass floor upstairs, where the bedrooms are located.

The kitchen is bright as well, and it makes a single environment with the living room, divisible, however, thanks to a wall of 5 meters made of glass and metal. The central island represents the main feature of the whole room, in which you can find the worktop that extends towards the living area and has the function of kitchen table at the same time.

The technical materials, metal and steel, are the ruling mood of the kitchen, which is unique and entirely customized so as to comply the designer’s project, in harmony with the rest of the house.

Stimamiglio Concept Luxury Design is an architecture studio, specialized in residential and interior design. Their approach to each project starts with a sound understanding of the client, so as to realize his expectations and ambitions, following his personal style.


10 / 02 / 2022